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Rishita Mulberry Villas

Property Overview

  4400 sqft   4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms

Rishita Mulberry Villas are the latest project of Rishita Developers Pvt Ltd located in Sushant Golf City, Ansal API, Lucknow. Rishita Mulberry are exclusive 49 luxury villas with private pool and lift, these are Lucknow’s most luxurious villas project.

Artistic design and rich features are the essence of this exclusive premium villas located in Sector C Pocket 7 of Sushant Golf City.

The project Rishita Mulberry is a very well conceptualized luxury villas project with only 49 villas in the campus with exceptional design and features.

The plot area of the Rishita Villas is 2475 sqft and built up area is 4400 sqft.

Rishita is developing as a good builder in Lucknow thus it is a very good project and recommended.

Builder Rating

Rishita Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Builder Rating


Builder Reputation


    Quality of construction


      Possession Timeline


        • Builder’s Experience (Delivered Projects / Total Projects): 1/4
        • Presence (No. of cities): 1


        • – Quality of construction is good
        • – Customer Friendly


        • – Delay possession in the past project

        • Aerobics
        • Badminton
        • Balcony
        • Banquet Hall
        • Basketball
        • Billiards Room
        • CCTV Surveillance
        • Children’s Play Area
        • Commercial
        • Community Hall
        • Cycle Track
        • Drop Off Zone
        • Gated Community
        • Gymnasium
        • Indoor Game Room
        • Indoor Theatre
        • Internal Roads
        • Jogging Track
        • Landscaped Garden
        • Library
        • Power Backup
        • Restaurant
        • Security
        • Skating
        • Squash
        • Swimming Pool
        • Volleyball
        • Wi-FI
        • Yoga
        • Locality
        • Society
        • Readiness
        • Connectivity
        • Amenities
        • Concept
        • Overall
        • 80 %
        • 95 %
        • 75 %
        • 75 %
        • 85 %
        • 90 %
        • 83.3 %
        • Map Approvals
        • Clear Land Title
        • Bank Loan
        10 km
        City center
        0 km
        0.5 km
        0.5 km
        1 km
        CPT stop
        15 km

        Shalimar Garden Bay Villas

        Starting at Rs. 6,500,000

        • Baths2/3
        • Beds2/3/4
        • Area1333/ 1747/ 2809 sqft
        • Baths2, 3
        • Beds2, 3
        • Area1010 to 1465 sqft

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